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What is English Academic Skills Experience (EASE)?

At VIU’s Powell River Campus (2 ferry rides north of Vancouver)

EASE offers English as a Second Language students the opportunity to sample the university experience and Canadian small town life by taking Canadian English classes and ESL classes. Students enjoy a total immersion experience improving their language skills inside and outside the classroom. Students can combine English and ESL classes with other VIU courses, community activities, and volunteer placements.

English Academic Skills Experience (EASE)

  • Take a morning English class with Canadian students
  • Take ESL classes: Speaking/Listening Skills, Academic Reading, Writing and Grammer
  • Improve your English Academic Skills: Notetaking, Presentations, Essays, Studying, Test Taking
  • Get the support you need from the Writing Centre, your Tutor, your Instructors, your Coordinator
  • Feel a part of our small campus and community
  • Powell River's VIU campus is small and welcoming with 250 students
  • The city of Powell River has 20,000 friendly Canadians

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