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Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL)

CAEL is an English language test for students planning to study in English universities and colleges. CAEL, like the TOEFL and IELTS, is one test used for university entrance requirements.

CAEL assesses how well students are prepared for the academic activities at university. CAEL tasks cover the range of real life skills required to be successful in a full-time university program, using topics new to all students. Test takers listen to university lectures and take notes, read academic articles, and then write responses based on the lectures and readings. The test mirrors the university experience. CAEL uses response tasks rather than multiple-choice items.
VIU's English Language Test Score Requirement:
CAEL 60; IELTS 6.0; TOEFL iBT 80.

After the EASE Program, students interested in full-time university programs may want to write the CAEL.

The four EASE core courses will prepare students to take the CAEL assessment. EASE students take two core courses per term. VIU's Powell River campus is an official CAEL test site. CAEL test preparation is
important for university studies because CAEL focuses on the academic skills students need to be successful in university. Check the CAEL website for more details:

CAEL is not a part of the EASE program. Students choose if they want to write the CAEL test after 36 weeks of EASE.